Just for the general edification of people who weren't at Stevens while Campuside was running: Many of the characters I used were taken from life. Most of them were my friends. This strip, for example, stars my friend Craig. It also depicts an actual event.

Other regulars in the strip included Joe Formoso, Chris Candreva, and Steve Kosciolek. Appearances were made by my then-girlfriend now-wife Dawn, Joe Levin, Tim Klavon, Mauro DiBenedetto, Carl Russell, Karen Holtzberger, Mongo (Andrew Monteleone), Adam Ehven, Mamta Shah, Kurt Hockenbury, Elizabeth McCarthy, David Letterman, President Ravache, Anne Gilson, Dan Kaplan, Ray Duffy, Dave Belson, Todd Schrader, Dean Eversen, John Doherty, my dad, Paul Grzelak, Brian Gorgas, and Roland Volz.

And, of course, me. Although I made me much, much thinner in Campuside than I was in real life. Hey, it was my strip. I basically used a caricature of myself circa 1988.

In addition to these real-life characters, there were three recurring fictional characters: the Freshman, the Senior, and the Sleepy Guy. The Bathroom Philosophers, based on me and Joe, made two appearances. And one person made an inadvertent appearance: Debbie Phillips, head of Residence Halls. I drew a character giving tours of the dorms and without even thinking about it I ended up drawing Debbie. I didn't even notice until she told me.

Other trivia: The Dean Eversen cartoon came to me in a dream. Really.

People thought that I was making fun of a very short secretary named Mary on the 10th Floor by having her voice come from under the desk. Actually, I imagined someone being under the desk for some mysterious purpose, and only coincidentally did that action take place on the 10th Floor.

I really did once knock on someone's door with a bat to make them turn down their radio, but I wasn't as polite as Sleepy Guy.

In the Halloween cartoon featuring Chris Candreva, his dialogue is very stilted when he introduces himself. This is because Chris requested that, at some point, I connect my drawing of him with his name. This is understandable, since my version of him looks nothing like Chris, aside from the sunglasses.

The campus store really did sell shot glasses, but not calculators, when that cartoon was written.

Roland really did say that about the caffeine.