It's Just Another Baby
by Christopher Rywalt

At long last, news! As of February 7, 2005, you can now order a paperback of this very book at It's Just Another Baby's Cafe Press Page!

I've wanted to publish this since I wrote it; but, alas, no publisher would touch it due to its incendiary subject matter. It took eight years, but Print On Demand has finally caught up with my budget ($0.00) to make this possible. Enjoy.

Summer Vacation
(Getting There Is All the Fun)
	Sacrificing to the Fertility Goddess
	Positively Testing
	Harking Back to Conception

School's In
(The First Trimester)
	Legends and Old Mothers' Tales
 What's Wrong With the Name ``Ute,'' Anyway?
	The First Visit to the Doctor
	What's That About Vitamin A and Folic Acid?
	Baby's First Modelling Session
	Interviewing the Hospital
	Morning Sickness, the Father, and Other Discomforts
	Baby's Making Noise Already
	What to Wear, What to Wear
Fall Break
Mid-Term Exams
(The Second Trimester)
	My Baby's A Thumb-Sucker!
	Are Those Your Hormones or Are You Just Angry to See Me?
	The Alien Baby
	Then Something Scary Happens
	And the Winner Is....
	Just A Little Off the Tip, Please
	More Stuff
	Meet Dr. Bradley
	Then Something Scary Happens, Again
	Prenatal Exercising
The Last Weekend
Studying for Finals
(The Third Trimester)
	Meet Dr. Lamaze
	My Word, Honey, You're Enormous
	Choosing a Pediatrician
	Yet More Stuff
	False Alarms

The Final Exam
(The Birth)

Final Grades


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