Yet More Squiggles


The squiggles have continued, but not nearly as quickly as before. I'm not exactly bored of them; I've just sort of internalized them. I doodle them now at random, for no particular reason, even using tools not suited to them (they look terrible in ballpoint).

Partway through drawing these, I guess I started thinking too much about Jim Woodring's images, and his line work, and got the idea that I could do some engaving-style feathering. I kind of liked how that looked. Also, I found I couldn't stay away from representation entirely. When I showed my father my sketchbook -- something I don't think I've ever done -- he paused and said, "There are the hands again."

Then at some point I broke my pen nib. I had to go on with my earlier nib, which isn't as flexible and doesn't make lines quite as nice as the other one.


Recently I've started considering beginning to plan my attack for possibly in the future some day cleaning out my attic. I have a lot of boxes up there filled with books, magazines, drawings, notes, letters, pads, papers, art supplies, drafting tools, and tchotchkes too numerous to mention or even explain. Last night I was digging around to see what I could find and I discovered a cache of color inks, which you can see I used in the most recent squiggle drawing.

I've been thinking of getting some drawing chalk in traditional colors, after seeing some nice work over at the Cennini Forum, where the academic artists hang out. I love the look of the old sanguine/black/white drawings on toned paper. Much to my surprise, I found a set of chalks in the attic as well. After fooling around with them for a bit, I couldn't help lapsing into old habits.

Chris Rywalt, Untitled, 2007, chalk on paper


What the first drawing meant to be?

If you mean the squiggle drawings, Angela, none of them are meant to be anything. They're abstract. Actually, not even abstract. Random. Automatic drawing, sort of. I make a line, and each line after that is a reaction to the one before it. Wherever something needs to be drawn, I draw it. Bits and pieces remind me of things -- I can't escape representation entirely -- but ultimately they're not anything.

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