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I've been way behind on this YouTube thing. Mostly I can't stand to watch it because the video quality is so dreadful and the naked grasping neediness of most of the people on the site is frightening and pathetic and makes me a little ill. Also, I've had DSL for years and that's way too slow for video. But now I have Verizon FiOS and a ten-year-old son, which have combined with a super-cheap camcorder I got for him to make our house a little Skywalker Ranch.

For reasons beyond my understanding -- I have no idea what goes through his huge misshapen gourd of a head -- he decided to make a video of me and my paintings, which are strewn throughout our house. Since he made it (and I spent two days wrangling it into an acceptable format for YouTube) I figure I might as well tell everyone about it. My son made my YouTube account for me, by the way, which I'm thinking puts me a few years away from adult diapers.

So here is Chris Rywalt's Home Gallery/Studio Tour with your guide, William "Specksguy300" Rywalt. (All the kids these days have names like Specksguy300 and ChuckleMcBuckle2112. I'm so old.) Beware: You'll see way more of my messy house than you ever wanted to see.


oh that was so much fun to watch! i love it. your son is sooo funny and brilliant! and so cool that you took him seriously and all in answering his questions. i watched it more than once and it still cracks me up each time. he's a much better tour guide than any museum guides i've seen. very interesting to see the different medium and styles in your work thoughout time. hope to see more of your work and Specksguy300 videos! :).(i came across your blog through Tracy's blog awhile ago and have really enjoyed your writing and seeing the process of your work. you are really funny too.)

That was great Chris! I loved it.My son has a youtube account too, and even though I set one up awhile back, I can never seem to access it or understand how to put anything on to it. Definitely an age related issue.

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