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I've been busy drawing from life and continuing to write up my time at the School of Visual Arts, both of which I'm doing over at Probable Working Sequence. The art world is, of course, essentially dead right now, so I plan to get back to gallery openings and reviews in September. In the meantime, I'm being an artist, not a reviewer.

So go there!


Hi ChrisIve read some of your posts in the past on various other sites. mostly ednas.I was just reading through the whole kerfuffleyou had (listed here) with some crazy anon arpil 13 2007. Please please please dont take that persons attempt to beat you up to heart. its so awesome that you're doing your blog. and more awesome that you did the sva summer residency.dont buy into the insane vitriol being thrown at you. keep cranking away. theory only seems powerful when you dont comprehend it yet. but there is always time to learn theory. there is an amazing joy though to experience some theoryonce you've spent time doing you art. there are great things to read out there. I know that you respect saltz big. so go through his book and see who he has mentioned repeatedly and go check that out. ill give you one example right off the top - because of seeing out loud I went and read "Inside the White Cube". saltz had such high praise of it and you know what it was great. what you will eventually find out though is that there arent an infinite number of ideas regarding art. have you read calvin tompkins book on duchamp? come on dude get it today and read. enjoy

Thanks for the encouragement and for the book recommendation. When I'm done with Patrick O'Brian's bio of Picasso, I'll get right on it.

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