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Adam Goldberg in (Untitled)

Adam Goldberg in (Untitled)

The hits on this site here have somewhat inexplicably doubled over the summer. Maybe something to do with Jennifer Orbom's nicely listing it as one of the Five of the Best Art Blogs You've Never Heard of at NY Art Beat. Maybe because my brilliant writing is finally attracting the audience it deserves. Maybe because there's nothing else to read in August.

Whatever the reason, the increase in hits has corresponded to an increase in invitations and press releases showing up in my e-mail inbox. I don't pass all of them along and I don't make it to all of them; in fact during the summer I've missed virtually everything to which I was invited. This is partly because most of it didn't look very good and partly because my life's been an unmitigated disaster. Well, I say unmitigated: My wife and kids still love me, so I guess that's something.

Yesterday I got one I'd like to share with you. The message is mostly public relations bullshit: hope this finds you well, I think your audience would be interested in this, and so on. But the product being shilled looks really damned good, so I am found well and I do think my audience would be interested in this.

Adam Goldberg (not to be confused with the hopelessly untalented Andy Samberg) stars as an avant garde composer in Catherine DiNapoli and Jonathan Parker's (Untitled). Parker's brought us...a bunch of movies I've never seen, but let's give him some repsect for working with crazy man Crispin Glover on an adaptation of Herman Melville. And Catherine DiNapoli, well, she's Napolitan, and so am I, so she's got to be buoni, eh?

More seriously, the trailer is hilarious. People who haven't been around Chelsea might think this is over the top satire, but to me it looks like a friggin' documentary. I'm almost certain I've seen Wall surrounding space (2007).

It opens October 23, 2009. I'll be there.

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