In the comments following one of her typically pointless space-filling blog posts at Art Fag City -- something about movies, music videos, and posters for movies which borrow their imagery from supposedly fine art pieces -- Paddy Johnson loses her patience with what she considers nitpicking: "Comments that serve no other purpose than to demoralize the writers of this blog will no longer be published."

Oh, Paddy, if only we could demoralize you. If only.


Yeah, Paddy does seem a tad touchy for a post that is A) not that clear and B) concerns nothing I care about - but chicks dig clothes I guess. There are so many better videos out there by better singers - I don't get the hype. Is it because lady godiva looks like a tranny? Woopdewhip.

BTW zipthwung is banned over there for being a downer. Ha!

You can haz amen break.

amen break

got paid today, will have money by thanksgiving. Amen.

I'll be sure to write posts that only interest you from now on.

Nobody's forcing you to read Art Fag City. Since it bothers you so much, I suggest you stop.

Can people synchronize their periods over the internet? These old battleaxes sure can bring you down.

Chris, listen to the woman, and pull the plug. I rather doubt there's any basis for your continued visitation of the blog in question, apart from masochism or a kind of perverse curiosity. Really, it's not worth your time, unless you have more of it on your hands than you can gainfully fill.

Blogger Donna Dodson said...

I also find Chris Rywalt's flip comments offensive (most of the time) and in poor taste i.e. buzz kill. As Ed repeatedly states, passionate comments that raise the emotional level are acceptable- glib, inane, careless or thoughtless comments do not fall into this category, however.

Are these people serious? I missed that thread. Good god.

"As Ed repeatedly states." Repeatedly, even. As if. So is this Ed person the new spiritual leader or something? I'm a little rusty on these cult things.

Thanks, Chris, but unlike you with that Fag blog, I'm not interested in wasting my time with Ed's, possibly because I have absolutely no reason to suck up to him. And I'm definitely not interested in any further exposure to George; I had more than enough of him at Artblog. As was very aptly said by someone else, arguing with him is the equivalent of kicking Jell-O.

I am not easily offended. Franklin Patty and Ed seem to take thinks a bit too seriously or literally without a wait and see attitude or a grain of salt. WHich makes them great straight men for trolling, I must say. I suspect Apsbergers spectrum. I was just thinking of cancer jokes (What do you give someeone for Christmass if they have everything? Cancer. You know I know people who survived and died of cancer - it's not like I am being insensitive just to be a dick, even though that is pretty much my MO sometimes, apparently. Franklin hates me ever since I said the little brown people run the world, or something like that - which no one would have mentioned except an anonymous hater brought it up and made an issue out of it. "Little brown people" I mean, it was a joke. Very few people seem to be laughing though, except for people who like Japanese television on You Tube, which is great, but there are other forms of entertainment. Like slapstick. Forklift operators destroying big box store shelves. I know you know.

Zipthwung, "hate" indicates an emotional involvement which you don't merit.

I suspect (want to believe) that much writing is actually devils advocacy, as with the hyperbolic claims of the New Museum about Urs fischer, jerry Saltz about Gerhard Richter and a number of other dudes about some other dudes.

They can't all be channeling godhead can they? Something about the recent spate of uncritical pandering has got my spidey sense tingling.

"If they can't take a joke, fuck em."
-SOme painter dude.

I've said some asshole shit I'm not proud of - but whatever - My experience with cub scouts was an eye opener as I had very little experience dealing with other families when I was six or whatever. I mean I got a merrit badge for having clean fingernails or something as I recall. Doing a front roll.

One kid (who in retrospect was the poorest of the group) brought a homeade snack. I was starving. I said "Is that all?" I didnt even give a shit what it was. But they took it to mean "WHy the fuck didn't you bring oreos" (I come from granola though)- when I meant "when you bring snacks for the troop, remember to bring enough of it" It could have been popcorn. Bu I was too inarticulate to even fathom that it was an insult to express my disappointment with the portion size. Thanks adults! I quit.

Yeah Im an asshole, fuck me, fuck 'em.

Happy Smallpox day.

i. Mr. Palmer is blind. He has a guide dog. One day as he is crossing the street, some kids whistle and call to the dog. They want you and your friends to call the dog, too. What would you do?

Lead the pinks to the Koolaide.

My dog barks some. Mentally you picture my dog, but I have not told you the type of dog which I have. Perhaps you even picture Toto, from The Wizard of Oz. But I warn you, my dog is always with me!

I now see that my asshole acts aren't aberrations; they're who I am. I'm an asshole.

That's the supreme asshole move.

do you realize how pathetic you are crywalt? sometimes I think this blog is a satire, but then once in a while you prove to me that you are serious, and a moron. At this point, it's only worth visiting this blog for a laugh - I don't think you can even properly represent the view point of the failed artist at this point - you are just too stupid.

funny that was a post to this. I guess its supposed to defend AFC by ad hominem attack. I like a good cat fight. But what exactly is stupid about this particular post?

Anyone? Bueler?

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